June 16, 2009

Reader Contest- Name My Blog!

Here's a picture of my cat in a bag.

I have a terrible time coming up with names and titles for things. "The Snarky Writer," though awesome (and available), is not accurate based on the posts I've made so far. So what should my blog be titled?

I leave the decision up to you, my readers. Come up with a clever, (at least slightly more) accurate name for my blog and, as long as it's available, it will be forever immortalized at the top of my blog. It's helpful if the winning name is also available as a website for when I eventually move my blog from blogspot to the real Interwebs.

Leave your suggestions in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. OK, try these
    Freedom of Spiel
    We Interrupt your Ennui
    Huffing & Puffing (with url of huffingpuffing)