March 22, 2010

I See Rich People

I'm usually mildly amused when the homeless find creative ways to ask for money at traffic intersections. But one guy took it a step too far.

His sign, which was typed in enormous font on paper glued to cardboard, read "I see rich people." The first time I saw him he was looking pretty not-homeless, in clean clothes, standing at an intersection near the mall I live by. He was laughing and joking with some other guy. I had just worked at the Park for 4 hours and had less than an hour to shower and eat before starting my 8 hour shift at Job #2. I realize I live in a rather well-off area, but it's also chock full of starving students (and, apparently, college graduates who work 2 jobs).

The second time I saw him was later that night, while working my shift at Job #2. This time he was standing at an exit at the Fashion Valley mall, guilting people for their evening of extravagant shopping. Again, he had on clean clothes and a smile. I drove by (in a brown 15-passenger van) shaking my head. He saw, waved and thought I was laughing at his sign.

I'm not sure what he was trying to do (because it was obvious this wasn't his only way of getting money), but he made me angry. So fuck you, I See Rich People guy. Just because I live in San Diego and just because I'm driving around moderately wealthy areas does not mean I will find your shenanigans funny. I don't have the time to just stand around shopping malls waving to cars, like apparently you do, so either you're recently laid off and eating through your severance pay or you've got someone taking care of you. Either way, STFU and go away. Besides:

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