June 22, 2010

Oh, Canada

If I were Canadian I would probably get this tattooed on me. No joke.

For all the jokes, Canada is looking pretty darn good right now.

Of all the countries in the world experiencing a poor economy (read: all the countries in the world), Canada's isn't quite that bad. Why? They didn't get as greedy as the rest of us and take the same risks that landed the rest of us in the shitter. Sure, we made fun of Canada for not taking those seemingly fail-proof risks back when our economy was strong, but now that they're (gleefully, no doubt) hosting the G-20 summit we've got our tail between our legs and our lips zipped.

But hopefully not too zipped. Why can't we learn from Canada? Why can't we say, "Oh, look at that. Canada might have a surplus in 5 years. Let's ask them what they're doing differently so we can have a surplus before we die." Maybe our leaders will ask some questions and take some notes this week. That would be nice.

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