July 23, 2011

Because I Slept With You

"I'm an excellent judge of character."

It feels like there are some universal truths as far as mankind goes: we're all good drivers, we would all make great parents and we're all good judges of character. Never mind that these things are nearly impossible to be objective about, these are things most people truly believe, yours truly included. But let's focus on that last one: good judge of character. The people we date are good people, hands down. It's only after we break up that we see the other side of them, see what there isn't to like, and why it's better that we're not dating anymore.

As far as this post is concerned, being a good judge of character means someone is a good person, or at least the person you believed them to be, simply because you were fucking them. If a person was deserving enough of your private parts they have to be good all around, right? They have to be the person they led you to believe they are, or at least the person you you led yourself to believe them to be. Maybe it's giving others the benefit of the doubt, maybe it's thinking we're so good at getting to know people, maybe it's just me. But I think if we were more objective about our ability to judge character, more honest about the hottie we're boning and less likely to make excuses for them we wouldn't end up disappointed. Just because a person has access to our genitals does not make them deserving or good.

That's not to say believing this about the people we're having sex with is entirely a bad thing. It's unfortunate when people don't live up to the expectations you set for them, but it's also most likely not the person's fault (and if you're like one of Barney's girls... well, it's hard to know where to put the blame). If we were completely objective about the person we're fucking we might not have relationships that last more than a night, or relationships at all. We have to compromise sometimes and on some things because expecting perfection is probably a huge reason people get divorced. We should be thinking the person we're sleeping with is amazing... but take each person with a grain of salt and an honest mind.

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