January 11, 2012

Not So Mysterious Anymore

Remember several months ago there were whole flocks of birds literally falling dead from the sky? It was happening all over the United States though it concentrated in the South and East. Birds fell from the sky for several months last year and experts blamed a wide range of causes, from extreme weather to unusually loud noises to disturbances like fireworks. But the results of necropsies were inconclusive and at the time of publication for some of the articles chemical testing hadn't come back yet.

Now the answer may be a little more dark than a few flukes... it turns out a project called Bye Bye Blackbird is responsible for the deaths of many of these birds. The project is headed by the USDA and they are poisoning millions of black birds and other bird species across our country's agricultural center, from South Dakota to Arkansas to Maryland. Birds are being killed because they're eating grain and other crops from farmers. The birds then fly to other cities where they die by the hundreds and thousands, and take down birds of prey and other predatory animals who happen to eat these poisoned birds. The USDA disrupts the whole food chain and kills many, many more animals than it intends with these bird massacres. Unless the USDA is incredibly crafty and completely evil and purposely poisons black birds, knowing they'll be eaten by many other animals we call pests...

The coolest part? All these animals are being killed with our taxes.

The weird thing is there are also unexplained bird and fish deaths in Europe. Can the USDA have a hold on those animals, too? Are officials in Europe doing something similar? Are the people in this world really resorting to this blatant massacre of animals without even trying less lethal methods? Will we always be at war with the animals who were here before us, who are doing what they've always done, just because we're here now? Will we never think to use methods that allow us to coexist?

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