July 15, 2012

True Love

I found demotivational posters. In Spanish.*

So, the boyfriend and I are really comfortable with each other. Like, really comfortable. The other morning  we were getting dressed and I saw him make his “I’m gonna fart” face. I already had one in the works and I had a split second decision to make: do I suppress it and let him be the gross one or do I go for it? 

I went for it. 

And then I called out, “I win!” because mine was louder even though he argues he should have won because his was longer. I know, we're disgusting.

It reminded me of HIMYM when Marshall, in a fit of desperation, shaved off part of his hair right before his wedding. Marshall worried that Lily wouldn't marry him now, and asks Ted if he would marry him. Ted responds, “No but not because of the hair, because I have a rule. Never marry someone you’ve had a farting contest with.” Marshall freaks out even more and says, “Oh great. So now you’re saying Lily and I shouldn’t even get married?”

I then acted out that scene, causing the boyfriend to laugh uncontrollably for a few minutes.

Yep. I found a keeper.

*About the photo: I had wanted to find a clip of the part I described in the "Something Borrowed" episode but I'm not good at searching through YouTube, apparently. But a picture of Marshall and Lily in their pirate and parrot costumes with a LEGENDARIO caption in Spanish works nicely.

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