April 30, 2009

10 Jobs Cooler Than Yours

My new co-worker.

Again, I love the CNN Living section. Today's goodness is "10 jobs cooler than yours." You know what's not on there? MY NEW JOB! My new job is way cooler than all the jobs in the article, and almost definitely cooler than your job.

My phone rang at 7:30 am this morning and I answered, doing an awesome job of sounding awake. The caller was from San Diego Wild Animal Park and wanted to offer me employment. Starting next week I will be driving the photo caravan safari for park guests! This basically means I will be paid to drive people around the designated "Africa" or "Asia" paths and get them up close and personal with rhinos, giraffes, possibly elephants (!!!), and hoofed creatures. My goal is to make friends with someone who can get me into the zoo. As much as I love the Wild Animal Park, the San Diego Zoo is just a ten-minute walk away from my apartment. 

Anyway, the article I mentioned says cruise directors, doll doctors, route setters and video game testers are cooler jobs than your 9-5. While they are unusual jobs, I don't necessarily think they're cooler. Cruise directors aren't home much (unless that's the point), doll doctors really can't get much work, and route setters set routes for climbing walls. And video game testers? Please. 

The "cool" jobs in the article were pet psychologist, storm chaser and food critic. But there are still more awesome jobs. Excluding my new job, of course, any list of totally awesome jobs would not be complete without wine/beer tasters, travel writers or sky diving instructors. If you think your job is just that cool, I'll be more than happy to include it in my own list of totally rad jobs.

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