July 13, 2009

Love Of Country

Irony: when Americans give up their unalienable rights and constitutional freedoms in order to protect and preserve their unalienable rights and constitutional freedoms as Americans.

For reasons I don't understand, Dick Cheney has been in the news more in the months since he left office than when he was in office. This time it's because he created an executive program to "assassinate al-Qaida operatives in friendly countries without the knowledge of their governments."

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Seriously.

Now, Cheney can hide behind the "it's for the good of the country" excuse. But counter terrorism is still terrorism, especially if it's done behind the backs of our friends on their land. If the tables were turned I highly doubt we'd be OK with countries like Kenya or Israel killing terrorists on our streets without asking first.

Though done under the guise of protecting the country, I believe Dick is missing the days of being the schoolyard bully. He does shitty things under the public impression that he is a superhero defending their babies and lawns. He was (almost) the man in charge and, since he wasn't part of the executive branch, he could quite literally get away with murder.

Before anyone gets on me for being unpatriotic and not wanting to do anything possible (regardless of legality) to get those bastards who killed our citizens on September 11th, 2001, doesn't it feel a little backwards that we have to give up our freedoms in order to protect our freedoms? Does it make you feel safer knowing that the government might be listening in on your private phone conversations or that the guy next to you threw away his Diet Coke in the airport security line? Are these the things making us safe now?

Personally, I'd rather take my chances with the airlines and my cell phone and the guy in the turban teaching biology section. I'd rather my government focus on real solutions to nationwide fear. I'd rather wave my flag on our Independence Day and be proud we're following our own ideals because those ideals are more important than anything, even our lives. If America is taking this new direction, I don't want to live here.

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