May 28, 2010

Planned Parenthood

If Chloe were a nurse.

Let me just say I love Planned Parenthood. Genius idea. Makes me want to become a nurse. Seriously.

Last time I went I could only get 3 months of pills because their supply was low, so when I went in to get the rest of the 9 months they said, "Oh, looks like your prescription ran out. We'll refill it and get you a whole year's worth." Hell yes! It's like a buffet of services every time I walk through the door: "Would you like an HIV test?" "Would you like us to test you for STDs?" "Free condoms?" "Plan-B?" I always feel good when I have enough money to leave them a donation.

I've seriously been applying to the one position I can at PP since I got laid off over a year ago. Working for an organization I believe in and support, even if at a low level, would make me happy (thus me putting up with shit at the Park). Every time I read ZooNooz, talk to a researcher or get an e-mail about the conservation work being done at the Society I realize how desperately I want to be a part of it. But then I go to PP and hear a calling to become a nurse so I can be an educator as well as a helper. Gaah, do I become a nurse and help women or pursue biology and help the environment (in 10+ years...)? Is it really pathetic that I'm worried about how long it will take me to pursue a biology degree?

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