February 10, 2011

Sleep, I Love You

Oh my god this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Sleep, I love you. And I've missed you! I know we reconnect every day, but it isn't genuine, quality time. It was a hurried fall-into-bed-with-my-eyes-already-half-closed ordeal all week. Until last night. Last night and this morning were amazing. I slipped between the sheets, cuddled my pillow, pulled the blankets up around my face and burrowed in my bed, away from the chilly window. I took my time falling asleep, letting my thoughts slowly drift off, allowing my eyes to droop closed, appreciating the way my body heat warmed my bed. And before I knew it I was asleep. The best part was I was really at rest, ready to rejuvenate my body and mind, excited at the prospect of not waking up to an alarm clock. And boy, when I woke up at 7 and realized I didn't have to get up I went right back to cuddling that pillow for another 2 hours. It was exactly what I needed. So thank you, Sleep. Thank you for being there for me all week when I had no time for you, thank you for welcoming me again with open arms when I needed you the most, and thank you for promising to be there with me every single night, for the rest of my life. I love you, Sleep.

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