April 15, 2012

All Politicians Are Crazy

Duh. I know.

Disclaimer: Although I'm not a registered voter in any party, I took a political beliefs test in high school and I was just barely to the left. The issues here, among many, many others, make me cringe at Republicans.

This November will be the third presidential election I've voted in and here we are, mid April, and I'm already fed up with the whole thing. We've got changing rules left and right, backstabbing and more name calling than I heard in middle school. And these are the leaders of the greatest country on Earth. 

I know there's a system, that whichever party isn't in office blames the party that is in office for any little thing that goes even slightly wrong, but if things end up going great they poo-poo the accomplishments or try to take the credit, and as soon as that party gets in office the cycle starts all over again. It's sickening. I know I've said this before, but I'm starting to think there's more than a system and that this whole two party deal we have is an illusion, and that the over-the-top uber-conservative politicians chomping at the bit this time around are simply helping the incumbent Democrat keep his office. There's just no way these people really believe in the things they're preaching, and if they really do and would really try to accomplish all the so-called promises they're giving middle America? I'm fucking leaving. (Now that I think about it, those people would just say good riddance to a woman like me.)

There's been a lot of petty arguments going on this time around, which I didn't notice so much in the last two elections (although, to be fair, the last election was so focused on the circus that was Sarah Palin, who was running for president in 2012 while running for vice president in 2008, that it was hard to pay attention to too much else). Recently President Obama accepted a donation from comedian Bill Maher and some women said he should not accept it because of Maher's stand-up routine on women, which apparently is less than flattering or respectful. Funny thing about that, however, is that it was Republican women who said the president shouldn't accept the donation, not Democratic women. Oh really, a Republican is saying a Democrat should have standards regarding who donates to his race? Shocking. This is especially notable because it came right after Rush Limbaugh got on his radio show and openly called a woman a slut, whore, prostitute and several other things for wanting to take birth control. I don't think any Republicans are not accepting his donations...

That whole situation was so juvenile and ridiculous that I think it perfectly sums up this election, and American politics in general. Republicans are doing whatever the fuck they want but as soon as a Democrat does something even remotely similar they're all up in arms about it, thinking the rest of us won't notice they just did that exact same thing (although usually in a worse fashion: I'll take a comedian's relatively harmless stand-up routine that picks on female stereotypes over an influential talk show host actually calling a woman a slut any day). I've seen some of Bill Maher, although apparently not the anti-women schtick he supposedly has, and thought he was funny. I've seen male comedians live and watched male comedians on TV who make fun of women and it never bothered me. Then again, I've seen female comedians pick on men, but no one seemed to care about that... I assume the conservative women who had the issue with Bill Maher's comic comments don't actually have an issue with him, they just saw an easy target and made a big fucking deal out of it. They probably don't really  think that a stand-up comedian who goes on about some woman driver who cut him off actually hates women who drive; they're probably somewhat rational people who understand comedy and the difference between a stand-up routine that picks on certain stereotypes and someone who actually hates specific groups, like what one can believe from Limbaugh's comments about women who take birth control.

Or maybe not. Maybe there are a lot of outspoken people who do not have any fun in life, who do not like comedy, who do not have sex even with their opposite-sex spouses, who take everything very seriously and who can't relax. And the rest of us have to sit through another 6 months of this political bullshit, even though we all know it's highly likely Obama's getting another 4 years (yep, I said it). Might as well grab the popcorn and try not to get an ulcer as I watch the Republicans shoot me down just because I wasn't born with a penis.

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