May 15, 2012

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream


Out of nowhere, last night I had the strangest dream...

The dream was from my point of view, but I was this other woman, someone I don't know. I/she was at a bank or some similar public building, like I/she worked there, and in the middle of the day a masked man all in black with a gun came and shot up the windows. Everyone ducked and no one was hurt, but it felt like the man was after me/the woman. The man also had a dog with him, an all black pitbull who was ferociously barking and would have attacked once the glass windows fell, but the man was chased off by sirens or a cop. 

That night I/she was at home, shaken, looking through the glass door to the back yard. Suddenly there were these lights shining right into the house from the dark yard. I/she was scared, but then these three cops came out from the shadows and told me/her that they were assigned to watch over the house and make sure the attacker didn't return for me/her. I/she was relieved, but then the cops showed me/her the dog from earlier, the all black pitbull. She had been cowering under a tree, her mouth gashed open probably from the broken glass. One of the cops asked what I wanted to do with her, as in would I keep her or did I want her to be euthanized. The cop didn't present the question that way, but a pitbull that was kept by a bad man and would have attacked people? There's no way anyone else would have been responsible for her. I/she was really nervous about the idea, but didn't want to condemn the dog to death. It wasn't her fault she was owned by such a bad person, and deep down I/she knew a dog like that could be rehabilitated. Reluctantly, I/she agreed to keep the dog. But just then, the dog came up and put her mouth on my/her arm and gave just enough pressure to cause me/her to panic. What if the dog didn't let go? I/she tried to call the cop's attention to the situation, but right when the cops turned around to see the dog loosened up. All my/her fears slipped away and I/she believed the dog would be good.

Later on, I/she was in an indoor farmer's market with the dog, who was now healed and wearing a bright pink harness to show off her girlyness. I/she was still a tad shaken over the attack and not really interacting with too many people or making eye contact- just focusing on picking veggies. The dog wasn't leashed, but was staying by my/her side the whole time like a good dog. Then this couple with two leashed dogs came in to the market and the pitbull took off after them. But for some reason not a single person was concerned, least of all me/her or the couple with the other dogs. The pitbull ran up to the other dogs and they all sniffed each other and romped for a few seconds before it just became too chaotic with three dogs in a farmer's market. Everything was fine and turned out well.

Strange dream. I think I might like having a pitbull one day.

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