March 13, 2009

Corrective Rape

Even if you're a South African man who believes lesbians can and must be "cured" of their sexual orientation, and even if you know you won't be prosecuted, gang raping lesbians is probably not the most effective way to go about your business. 

Just saying.

In the US rape is prosecutable to the fullest extent of the law... if you can prove it happened, of course. It's your word against his word. Not a fight I want to be in. It's not fair that the penis, something that can do *so* much good can turn into a weapon when you're at your most vulnerable. I read about the anti-rape condom today. Reminded me of "Teeth." Seriously though, it's a creepy idea all around. If there weren't women who wrongly accused men of rape it would be pretty easy to punish rape with castration. At least it would humiliate them to no end, and at most it would pretty much guarantee they'd never rape again. 

In other news, California recently decided, apparently, that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and gays can just have their little "unions" and pretend they're like real people. They get the same rights, so who cares? A week or so ago there was a petition brought to the legislature that wants the word "marriage" to be removed from all California law, and in it's place write "domestic union." It gives everyone the same rights, so who cares?

I voted down Prop 8, but I have a problem with removing marriage from our laws. If I end up getting married I want to be married, dammit, not in a "domestic partnership." It sounds like a high school government project, but it's not like your whole life rests on that one grade. Seems like everyone these days is waking up to realize their shotgun marriages of eight days or their 25-year marriages aren't worth it anymore. And maybe they aren't, I'm not one to argue staying together if it's a bad relationship. But we aren't looking at marriage as that long of a commitment. I don't think we ever were, what with arranged marriages, pregnancy marriages, or to keep your girlfriend's mouth shut after your kid went missing

Just let the gays get married; then everyone can have a husband or wife. I do pity the couples who believe that allowing gay marriages will somehow discredit their own marriage to someone of the opposite sex. Doesn't sound like those relationships are really that strong. Having a strong relationship is like a lawyer making a good case: you can't argue your point if you don't know what the prosecution is going to say, and you can't win if you don't back up your point with facts and examples.

But, if you are a South African (or otherwise) man who wants to cure lesbianism by gang raping them I do hope someone is wearing the anti-rape condom and I do hope retribution is a bitch.

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  1. I have got to see this movie. I went on the sites you provided and I say these anti-rape things are a good thing.