March 19, 2009

The dignity of Facebook is pretty much out the door.

Here is a note of feedback I submitted to Facebook today:

*EDIT: All of our complaints made a difference! More than 2 million users petitioned Facebook to cut it with the ridiculous changes (though that's only 1% of all users, it's still the most feedback they've ever gotten) and they're listening. Thanks for the link, Dan!

Seriously, it's terrible. The fact that you can control status updates of friends who post "sleeping, then going to work, then eating..." is useful because no one cares to know those things. This is not Twitter and anyone who feels the need to update the world on their minute daily experiences by the hour can just go to Twitter. That's what it's there for, that's why I do not have a Twitter account. I switched to Facebook from MySpace because Facebook, back then, was for college students. Then you decided to let professionals in, which was cool because we could benefit from that. Then you decided to let the whole world in and that was OK at first because the layout and style were still cultured. But then your ads started targeting me as someone who obviously needs to lose weight, get married, and get pregnant (not necessarily in that order)* and you started "updating Facebook to follow whatever silly fad was happening at the time. The dignity of Facebook is pretty much out the door. Something was created that was original and a great idea. It catered to the fewer, and those fewer were happy. But then it started getting all concerned with popularity and things went down the toilet and now, since it's so entertaining to know the hourly details of everyone's lives, Facebook has pretty much become Twitter with more elaborate profiles. Get a backbone and decide what "Facebook" wants to be and stick to it. You'll piss off more people trying to stick with whatever popular fad is out there and changing shit up all the time than you will by maintaining one personality.

Since you say you listen to feedback (do you really read every letter? I think this one deserves a response) and change Facebook solely based on the input of your users, I can only assume the rest of the world is telling you to change all the time to be more like MySpace and Twitter. But seeing as how the majority of the top "Help" searches are about how to go back to the old Facebook I'm guessing not. And if so, then it only makes sense that I leave, because this is not what I signed up for. 

Oh, and by the way, there HAS to be a way to get rid of the "Highlights" section on the home page. Really? Those are highlights? People I don't see anymore, don't really care to see anymore but can't "un-friend" because they still live with my sister get drunk and sing karaoke and those videos are what I see EVERY single time I'm on Facebook? I can't remove them? The sound on my computer is busted, so I can't watch them even if I wanted to. But no, these are apparently the "highlights" of my "friends" lives so I'm forced to be reminded of their antics and how they felt the need to post Karaoke and Soju parts 1-5. Really? I wasn't there, I wasn't invited, I wouldn't have gone anyway because I really don't like Karaoke and really don't like the drama that follows these people everywhere they go, and I must be reminded that my drunk former roommates like karaoke. I'm just sick of it all. This is nowhere near the Facebook I signed up for, the Facebook millions of us signed up for, and at least some of us want out, i we're not going to be heard. We do not approve, Facebook mods. The new home page sucks ass. 

Thank you kindly.

*About those ads: whatever happened to the Victoria's Secret and study abroad ads? Why must my entire life be about losing weight, getting married and having babies? Did that petition that was circulating around a while back to get rid of the "lustful" VS ads really make you guys take it down? I love VS! I do not love babies. And I do not have the need for a wedding photographer. I want my sexy underwear back, dammit.

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