April 7, 2009

My Dreams While Sick

I had disturbing dreams today. I'll blame it on being sick.

Dream #1: Just before I woke up this morning.
My family was at some sort of government holding facility. (Think Tijuana border meets work camp meets Biblical consensus.) My immediate family is at this holding pen thing that has a line resembling the wait for X at Magic Mountain. 

Not worth a 30 minute wait... Definitely not worth the 3 hours I waited.

The ground is mud and there are hundreds of people just standing about. For some reason (as is common for my dreams) I have an aerial view of things. I see my littlest sister running for dear life around the perimeter of the compound and some men chasing her. It's obvious they want to hurt her and are trying to chase her out of the compound so they can take action. She gets to the border fence barely ahead of the men, but at the last second makes a sweeping u-turn and heads back into the thick of the crowd, where the men won't be able to touch her. At this point I'm back on the ground and she comes running right into my arms. We're both sobbing at the thought of what very nearly happened.

We return to our family, who knows what happened and are shaken up. We continue to wait in the line, which is apparently a line for sandwiches. We pay the mandatory $5 per person, receive a tuna sandwich (with lettuce), and they watch us eat it. 

I don't know where the tuna sandwich comes from.

My mom takes a bite and says, "Well, I'm making a peanut butter sandwich when we get home."

Dream #2: Nap time.
I go to the grocery store with my boyfriend and someone who resembles a devil in motorcycle gear and a cape. I do not like this devil person, but something has happened that makes me feel sorry for him, and he seems injured. At the store I come upon some shifty guys hiding themselves and toying with something. Being suspicious, I try to get a good view of the group and see they have a butter knife and are practicing voodoo with some garlic.

Not just for vampires anymore.

The devil person screams out in pain and has a visible stab wound on his shoulder. Though I'm not a fan of this devil person, I also don't feel he should die at the hands of some voodoo shoppers, so I grab the knife, which is now bloody. The devil person runs screaming from the store, jumps on his motorcycle, and drives off into the night. The voodoo shoppers shout victoriously, saying, "He's weak and driving a motorcycle at night. It will be easy to finish him off!" They pull another butter knife and I run out the store trying to find the devil person, but he's gone. I felt determined to put a stop to the voodoo shopper shenanigans.

But then I woke up.

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