April 21, 2009

Ridiculous Laws That Can Be, And Are, Enforced

I seem to get the parking tickets for stupid things, most recently for parking in an unmarked crosswalk. That's an unmarked crosswalk. The invisible crosswalk was not even handicapped accessible, or elderly accessible, since the curb was probably 8 inches high.

WTF, San Diego? You fined me $40 for blocking pedestrian access, when any pedestrian access would be classified as jay-walking due to lack of designated crosswalks? To make things better, you send my dad (the real owner of the car) a letter three months after issuing the bullshit citation informing him that the fine is now $90 due to delinquent payment. Oh, and that appeal I sent in the very day after the citation? 

"Oh, here it is. So you did send in an appeal. Well, it's gonna take us a couple weeks to read this so give us a call back then and we'll tell you our answer." 

Then you send a letter to an address I no longer live at (nice job, USPS, for forwarding that to me) (wait, shouldn't you, San Diego, have sent it to my dad, who actually owns the car?) informing me the citation was properly issued and I have 21 days to pay it. So I pay, grumbling, and call to schedule an appointment to appeal, again, in person. And it goes to voice mail. 

Fuck you, San Diego government, for deciding that you can ticket cars for parking in invisible crosswalks. I guess I'm lucky it wasn't an invisible handicapped parking space, or I would have been paying $380 instead of $40. 

Fuck you, USPS, for not forwarding some important pieces of mail, but getting the junk mail to me.

While I'm at it, and in a foul mood, fuck you economy for taking away my job and not giving me another (legit) job. Fuck you, Google, for denying me ads on this blog because it's "not fully launched, functioning, or easily navigable." And finally, fuck you miserable-three-day-old-headache. I've had just about enough and really don't feel like taking more pills.

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  1. Wow... Ok, breathe... You do definitely have a good point though :o)