August 13, 2009

Relationship Rags

Relationships will always sell magazines (or to put it more modernly, will always get page hits). I can't decide if it's because people don't know how to function in relationships or we crave constant validation that we're not as bad as the horror stories we read about. We compare ourselves in our relationships to other people in their relationships, persistently reevaluating our happiness with another person. Magazines oh-so-helpfully provide us with a monthly list of 679 ways to make him/her happy/satisfied/fall in love/ scream your name from the rooftops of every 7-11 in a 50 mile radius.

Men's magazines are just as bad: Men's Health invented 41 ways to make your woman swoon, which amazingly found a way to throw in the tried and true and ever so cliche flowers when you fuck up. Also, they place "get her to fulfill your sexual fantasies" right next to "I don't like giving my girl oral." The only real difference I see in men's magazines versus women's is the males want tips on getting and keeping a girl who will do sexy things and females want to find (or create) that one perfect man who supports her. What about just know who you're dating and do things he/she prefers? Is common sense dead or just sick?

I want to create a magazine for women that skips all the irrelevant relationship bullcrap. The magazine would support the idea that women, as people, can better themselves and their world. It would probably include important news events, any relevant sex and relationship stories (like how abuse can't be tolerated), and ways women can be more socially/environmentally aware with their dress and make-up and social activities. Of course it would have to include some sort of celebrity gossip (gag) that I would not write but must exist in order to be read...

But who am I kidding... the masses don't read stuff like that. Sigh.

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