January 14, 2010


A company created a sarcastic punctuation mark. Because it's not totally obvious when we type sarcastically.

(Sarcasm alert.)

But really, someone out there is capitalizing on this. Bravo to them, honestly, because I wish I'd thought to create a lame swirly dot and charge people two bucks for it. Certainly would make only working 2 days this week much easier...

It looks like this:
The kicker? You pay $1.99 for something no one else understands! Yes, I know it's sometimes difficult to have a conversation with someone (like me) when you're not sure they're being sarcastic. But punctuation? That's what ellipses are for... And italics. And reading comprehension. At the most we should appoint an already existing symbol, something we don't have to pay some bullshit ninja company $2 to use, for sarcasm. Or, if we have to mark sarcasm, write it in a smaller font. Like, duh.

Although, it would be great to start seeing this symbol pop up and watch people recognize the sarcasm but not understand the symbol, and just assume whoever is typing is an idiot when they're really just trying to more accurately convey sarcasm. Isn't it ironic?

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