February 1, 2010

Goodbye, Banker's Hill.

My studio apartment, number 4.

Today I'm officially no longer a Community resident. It was a little depressing doing my final walk-through, cleaning and turning in my keys. That apartment was mine. All mine. My first own apartment. The first place I've ever lived that I could do whatever I wanted with and not worry about someone else's opinion. I could walk around naked, come and go at any hour, bring anyone home at any time, keep anything in the fridge, know that the cleaning I did was because of my messes, and watch Planet Earth every night without feeling like a super nerd.

I did a lot of growing up in that apartment. I became single for the first time in 7 years. I made friends with (...and made out with) my neighbors. I stayed in one place for a year, a whole lease. I bought curtains and dishes and I refinished the counter. I had a window planter for herbs and a fish tank. The mail coming in was all for me (except sometimes it was for my neighbor in #14) and I was there long enough for the non-profits I used to donate money to find me. I got jury duty and rode the old-fashioned lime green Community bike downtown. I had a running path in Balboa Park, waved to the same bums every time and could walk to at least 2 Starbucks, 2 damn fine pizza places, and the Zoo. I escaped arguably the most unhealthy living situation and gave Chloe a space free of other cats (except for the one time I tried introducing her to my neighbor's cat), where she wouldn't be forced to live under my bed. I lived through unemployment and found strength deep enough to end my relationship. I had sleepovers with friends and family and broke my post-breakup dry spell. I loved that apartment like it was a best friend.

Fortunately I'm really liking my new apartment. It helps a lot that my cat is so happy with all the new space and carpet (she never did learn to run on hardwood with her claws retracted) and I have a roommate I already liked and got along with. I was slightly worried that after a year of living alone I would feel less adult by moving in with a roommate but he's so responsible (and clean!) that this is a completely different experience from what I had in the past. It's OK that I'm not in my favorite part of San Diego anymore; I can always go back. And sometimes it's just worth it to leave, even if it will be terribly missed.

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  1. I will miss it, too. Many good times were had there. I will miss bumping into each other while cooking, making delicious foods, having a boy free space to escape to, watching Freaks and Geeks, sweet DJed Halloween parties, basil all the time, you listening to make sure I wash my hands after I go to the bathroom (although you probably still do that) and our walks around the area. And a lot of other things now that I think about it. Your new place is cool though, and I am excited for new adventures and how close you are.