January 3, 2011

Old Year, New Year

Not too many people had a terrific 2010, it seems. On occasion I visit The Frisky, purely for entertainment. They have a section called, "Mind of Man," where their male bloggers write about dating from the man's perspective. John DeVore's writing is generally spectacular: well thought out, articulate and insightful. Here's an excerpt from his article on what he learned during 2010 called, "New Year's Resolutions Are For Suckers":

The heart is a haunted house. Love is the bait and the hook. In a way, everyone is an orphan Lego searching for the right brick to click to. A six-foot long chocolate brown couch made out of teddy bears can bring about a modicum of happiness. Facebook is not reality. Texting was invented to increase misunderstandings between lovers and friends, and therefore, comedy. There are friends who will take a bullet for you, and sometimes they’re the ones who shot the gun in the first place. Taking responsibility for your actions sucks, but it’s better than prescription-strength sleeping pills. Pillows smell so much sweeter when they’re scented with her face. Wet jeans are the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Tax accountants are wizards. In a zombie apocalypse, a shovel is as useful a weapon as a chainsaw. Lady Gaga’s music isn’t terrible. Moths are just goth butterflies. If you’re not prepared to be carbon frozen to save your friends, you’re not a man.

This past year, I also learned that one cannot fail forever.

Pretty damn poetic, Mr. DeVore. I agree with every word, even that line about Lady Gaga ("Paparazzi" is kind of catchy) and especially that line about texting. And I take serious comfort in his last line. It's time to stop failing.

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