August 23, 2009

The Haves And The Have-Nots

The big arguments all boil down to a simple Haves vs. Have-Nots. The Haves are privileged to things like marriage and health care, while the Have-Nots, well, don't. In my part of the world it seems those who Have have it all and those who Have-Not have neither.

The Haves hold steadfast against allowing the Have-Nots to partake in this joyous, blissful experience. I was once approached by a coworker and asked my opinion on gay marriage. (Mind you, I was eating at the bar while reading a book.) I don't remember my response exactly but I tried being PC while conveying my disapproval of Prop 8. She proceeded to tell me how being gay was immoral and if they were allowed to marry it would "undermine [her] marriage to [her] husband." I would have loved to have asked how, exactly, strangers marrying would make her marriage any less beautiful and loving than it apparently was, but I was so floored with her comments to think straight (zing!). Later, back in the office, she wished she didn't have to cater a particular wedding because it had two brides. I told her (in very PC terms) she couldn't pick and choose which events to host, especially in a dying business. The hurt statements like that make to good people around the world, especially my friends, are beyond words.

Health Care
Again, the Haves are against the Have-Nots becoming Haves. A "friend" on Facebook posted his status as "don't the Dems understand that a public health option will cut hundreds of jobs? Or do they just not care?" His conservative friends approved, making me sick. I've been health insurance (and health care) free since December 2007 and couldn't afford the plan the job I got after graduating offered. When I got eczema I went to Urgent Care and paid $400 for some cream and anti-itch pills and was laid off 4 days later. Just because your job provides good health insurance and you pay $20 for a doctor visit and some pills doesn't mean my job provides the same coverage or I can get similar coverage on my own. Should I get in a car collision, contract the flu or need more Protopic I'm on my own, and will join the millions of Americans bankrupt because of medical bills.

Interestingly I started this post while catching up on some Nurse Jackie, which encompasses both marriage and health care. Canada is starting to look pretty good: health care and marriage equality!

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