September 4, 2009

Who's Seen Jezebel?

Condom pics FTW!

I have a tendency to be attracted to websites that make my blood boil. Jezebel is the latest, and in one day had articles on sex ed, accidental pregnancy solutions, health insurance, and gender differences in infants. Oy vey!

Those second two articles were informational: a health care question and answer session with a representative from PolitiFact and how you're most likely influencing your baby's behavior without realizing it. The former was quite interesting, though many answers were "well, the bill isn't out yet, so I really can't say" and the latter was something I learned a lot about in my sociology of gender classes. I do believe parents have an influence in their kid's behaviors, even though I was tomboy and my sister was girly and we're 20 months apart...

Those first two articles were mostly about retarded people ruining good things. Conservatives don't want their kids knowing their genitals have a purpose and thus should not be touched ever under any circumstances until marriage, and conservative Christians want all babies conceived to be born, but if it's white and healthy the mother should not be allowed to raise it even if she wants to.

It amazes me that parents are so terrified of talking to their spawn about their body parts. At the Park guides aren't allowed to go into any real detail on reproduction if there's a kid on the tour, despite it being a breeding facility. Because "penis" and "vagina" and "sex" are bad words kids don't have any real concept of what reproduction is until their own hormones (and classmates) are telling them to just do this one thing and because they're teenagers they want to do it because it's "bad." I think learning about reproduction through animals would be a great way to segue into learning about human reproduction and maybe kids would not only better understand it, but better put it into perspective and make better decisions. A former boss told me her 4th grade daughter was taking a sex ed class and a male classmate opted out. She worried the boy would later seduce her daughter, and be ignorant about condoms (or worse, being scared of them) and her daughter might become pregnant in high school. If a kid ever asks me where babies come from the stork will not be part of my explanation. Neither will God, for that matter...

It also amazes me that people are so willing to take advantage of others in the name of God. I firmly believe women should be informed about every possible option to an unwanted pregnancy and should be allowed to make the choice they feel is best for themselves and the embryo/ fetus/baby/sea monkey. Abortion isn't the most glamorous option, but sometimes it's best. Planned Parenthood provides great information on adoption, parenting and abortion and even counsels you to steer clear of the crisis pregnancy centers!

Women who are considering these options probably don't have too many options themselves: as much as no baby deserves to be killed no baby deserves to be brought into an unloving world. (Not to mention some people just shouldn't be parents, and in those cases I say have that abortion and get your tubes tied!) Adoption could be a wonderful prospect for women who can't bring themselves to abort a fetus but also can't bring themselves to raise a baby; I respect and applaud everyone willing to adopt a baby who would otherwise be unwanted and unloved.

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