December 20, 2009


A picture of what a bonsai might look like.

Bonsai is both Japanese and Chinese for "tree in a pot." This is ridiculously amusing to me. Lucky me, I got a bonsai at my work holiday party! It's beautifully crafted and I'm imagining it as a perfect centerpiece to a table in my new apartment. Of all the white elephant gifts that night the bonsai was most suited for me.

Speaking of presents suiting me, one of my best and oldest friends sent me a package of books (yay!). One, very typical of her, is about rescued animals who went on to star in movies; another is a John Grisham book; the last is a grammar book. It's that last one that amuses me the most. It's supposed to be funny, and when I opened it to a random page the first sentence I read was a chapter title: "No, you can't has cheezburger!" I lol'd.

Speaking of loling, ever think of something and just start laughing? Today I pictured this image and started laughing all by myself:

This happened while I was driving in my car, so I can only imagine what other drivers must have thought if they saw me alone and visibly laughing.

Speaking of driving, I spent my drive today with miss kitty on my lap. She's so freaking adorable. Even with my hands at 10 and 2, where I could visibly see the latest string of red scratches up and down my hands and wrists, with her sitting so contentedly in my lap I couldn't help but just love her. Sure she attacks me for no reason, biting my hands and hissing at me like she would a dog, but I'm also her comfort zone. She knows she can rely on me for protection and care, and I know that she'll always come back purring after she calms down from attack mode.

Miss princess. "Whazzat?!"

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