December 28, 2009

Things My Boyfriends Taught Me

I love cooking.

Having spent the last 7 years in one long term relationship or the other I realize I've adopted traits, as well as likes and dislikes, from my boyfriends, and they've helped mold me into the person I am now. For fun, I made a list of things my boyfriends have taught me, whether they be foods or activities I learned to love or things I learned about myself. But I also made a list of things they taught me without even knowing it, mostly insecurities they had or things I realized I loved after discovering they didn't love them. This is mostly for my own amusement, but everyone is changed for the better (and sometimes worse) by a significant other and anyone can find something here to relate to.

Things My Boyfriends Knowingly Taught Me:

Sushi is not disgusting. In fact, it's amazingly delicious.
Apple juice isn't just for toddlers.
Cooking together is bonding.
My "ears" are adorable.
Wine is good in moderation.
Confidence is my most sexy feature.
Tea is delicious, even unsweetened.
Driving is really fun and really relaxing.
Dessert is a necessity.
Good chocolate and good cheese are staples.
Traveling is exciting.
Macs are the best.
Internet memes are dorky, but in a good way.
Sex is great.
Paying attention to politics is important.
Texting is handy.
Roux is the tricky base of a good white sauce.
There is a movie for everything.
Sweatshirts can be very sexy.
It's important to keep fit and strong.
Pictures are priceless.
Doubling the vanilla makes cookies better.
Just about anything can be found and bought on the Internet.
Dry cereal is a great snack for munchies.

My passion.

Things My Boyfriends Unknowingly Taught Me:

It's OK to look like a fool dancing.
Be eager to try new experiences. And foods.
Be honest.
Trying and failing is better than not trying because I'm afraid to fail.
Go the extra mile for yourself, not anyone else.
It's OK to be poor; be rich in love.
Loving books is admirable.
Stand by your convictions.
Hobbies can be lifesaving.
Giving up on a dream is like suicide.
If you really like something about you, I'll really like it, too.
If you really don't like something about you, I'll hate it.
Have worth in the world.
Saying "I'm sorry" can mean a lot.

If you learned something silly or important about life or yourself from a significant other and feel like sharing please do in the comments. I love learning from others' experiences.

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