March 25, 2010

Recession Proof Your Life!

No, not the beer!

The latest catch phrase for advertising is "recession-proof." If you do this or buy that you will recession-proof this or that. On my door was a paper telling me I can recession-proof my mouth. My mouth! For only $69 I can get a full cleaning, exam, x-ray and other dental goodies. I'm not exactly sure how this is recession-proofing my mouth. Right now I'm paying $0, outside of the cost of toothpaste, so $69 seems kind of steep.

This is not a new idea, however. We've always been told that if we buy this or do that we're really investing in the future and it will end up saving us money down the road. This is why car service companies offer 4 oil changes for $39.99. At ten bucks a pop that's a fantastic deal. But the fine lines say you have to get those oil changes every 3,000 miles and who does that? So you end up spending $40 thinking it's a great deal and a year later you either can't find the rewards card or you move or just plain forget.

Now, what a local dentist could do to recession-proof my mouth is offer me a free cleaning, no strings attached. I'd certainly take them up on that offer.

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