March 10, 2010


Find out what it means to me! Oh!

Been discussing respect in the workplace. Some of us aren't really feeling it right about now, myself oh so included. I'm of the belief that just because a person works for (or under, giggity) another person doesn't give the person in the superior position a right to act like a superior person. Big difference there.

A part-time job opportunity arose recently, right around the time my supervisor scheduled me for a 2-day week, so I took it. What's next week looking like? Close to full time. Absolutely zero stability. And because I'm low man on the scheduling totem pole I don't get my requests for time off. I feel like my supervisor could work with me a little more but doesn't because he isn't required to. I just keep telling myself that in one month (the day I get back from SF!) I can sign up for work loans and apply for other jobs, and if God loves me it'll all be over soon. And I don't even care that my supervisors will see me applying for all these jobs as soon as I'm allowed to. I don't belong in that department because I want to feel respected by my supervisors for being a good employee.

Sometimes I wish I didn't love the Park so much. If I didn't know that other departments are run more smoothly and with greater respect for their employees, if I didn't believe in what the Society does for conservation, and if I didn't want to make my career with animals then I'd be out as soon as I found something else to pay the bills. I'm not happy at work, but I stay because I remember being the happiest I've ever been in a better department. April can't get here soon enough.

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