August 23, 2010


Normally, it's a rite of passage for baby boys. It's painful, but something babies get over and forget ever even happened. When done properly in a hospital it's rare to see complications or accidents. In fact, many studies suggest that circumcision is healthier because not having that little extra bit of skin means there's less room for infection should some boy not be taught to properly wash his penis (that this is actually a valid argument is strange... what men out there don't spend some good shower time washing their johnson, cut or otherwise???).

Girls usually get to skip this little activity. You know, because we don't have penises. And I say usually because sometimes it does happen. Please, click that link and read that article. If reading that article doesn't at least make your skin crawl you are a demented person. The video is so horrible I could not watch it in one sitting.

To give you an idea of the awfulness of this practice, female circumcision is also called female genital mutilation. It entails cutting off the clitoris. I cannot fathom a way this is anything but extreme torture.

That female genital mutilation not only still exists but isn't waning at all makes me ashamed for my species. The purpose is to make pre-marital sex impossible. Girls are stitched up so that only a tiny hole for urine and blood remains. Then they are cut open again on their wedding nights, so their husbands can literally see their virginity. Sex will never be enjoyable for these women. It will always be a chore done solely for their husbands or for having children. And for some of these women the procedure makes them barren, thus less desirable for marriage, fucking up the whole goddamn point.

This is something extremely painful to think about, much less write about*, so this is about all I can say. Ignorance will be the bane of human existence.

Meanwhile, male circumcision is down in the US. Go figure.

*I ended up writing about it. Still too chicken to use actual photos though.

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