January 28, 2011

United States Of Beer

Isn't that a fantastic headline?

People with a lot of time on their hands, who get bored, sometimes have genius ideas. Introducing, the United States of Beer:

If you click the link you'll quickly see just another reason the great state of California is superior to all others: Stone. Though, to be fair, other California beers are equally delicious, but Stone has made quite a name for itself.

A closer look at this map makes me curious about other states. Nevada is best known for FourLoko, apparently, but it was created in Ohio/Illinois. And it isn't beer. Which must mean Nevada is lacking in the general beer department. Utah has a beer called Epic, which sounds, well, epic, but it's Utah, so the maximum alcohol content is 4% and anything stronger can't be purchased on Sundays. (Most Stone beers start at 4% and you can buy them on Sundays. But I guess that's what makes California so crazy.) Also, Wisconsin claims Miller but North Dakota claims Miller Lite. My stereotypical opinions of Alabama are not helped by this map, but the map makes a good case for going to Hawaii.

I also learned there are beers out there, in this country, that I can't even pronounce. So enjoy this map, fellow beer drinkers, and maybe we will be inspired to take a beer road trip across the country. Just as long as we skip Virginia.

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