January 5, 2011

When I Travel

I've used this before, but it's just really cool.

Apparently I need to travel.

The students I work with are in a constant flux, always coming and always going. Sometimes the going is really sad. I meet people from many different countries and I want to visit them all. Some students feel so convinced that I'll visit them that they tell me all the things they'll show me when I come. When. Not if. Maybe it has more to do with their often limited grasp of tense, but I do get a feeling of certainty from them. When I visit Italy, when I visit Panama, when I visit Switzerland, they'll show me around, returning the favor.

So, I need to start traveling. I do want to visit all those countries and more. I've met wonderful people from Holland, Spain, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Sweden and some very interesting ones from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Turkey. The cool thing is every student who's told me I should visit their country really means it. I would have a couch to crash on for the night, a personal tour guide for the day and I'd see someone I thought I'd never see again.

I've been wanting to teach English in another country... maybe Switzerland? Or Spain? Or England? Does England even take American teachers? While I'm there I could take extra time to travel Europe. Then maybe Brazil for the World Cup. Then maybe Panama for Carnavales.

Any one have a hundred thousand dollars or so I could use?


  1. hey snarky, after i read your post, I realized you are very serious about new job more than travel? i hope I'm right,teaching English in another country this is the best way to travel in my opinion,but we gonna miss you snarky,i can't imagine the school without you,about the hundred thousand don't you think you need more?

    habib ali

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