June 25, 2011

You Think You Know

Being disappointed in people is starting to get a little old. Scratch that– being disappointed in guys is getting really old. Discovering major flaws in people just when you're ready to take a decent sized step with them really sucks. Hard. It makes it especially hard to have to make these discoveries twice in 6 months.

I'll admit I'm tired of being single. I miss being in a relationship, miss being in love, miss that certainty and comfortability that comes with a certain level of commitment. I get hit on all the goddamn time, in places I'm really uncomfortable getting attention (for future reference, all guys reading this, making noises at a girl while she's working out isn't going to make her want you) and... I don't know, I just don't like it anymore.

It's not that I thought this relationship was going to go very far, but finding out things you really don't like about people you really do like hurts, regardless of the relationship. And feeling like you came in second on top of everything is just depressing. So, here it goes again, back to looking for someone to spend my time with. Let the fun and games begin.

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