February 20, 2012

In Which I Admit Defeat

For some reason this is the first picture I thought of.

Palm oil has been a rather sticky thorn in my side as I do my darndest to buy products that don't have it, but today I discovered I will make exceptions.

I bought hippy deoderant (Tom's of Maine, doesn't get worse than that) and very hippy body wash, which surprisingly wasn't even a dollar more expensive than what I normally buy, because of sodium laureth sulfate. I've already found shampoo and soaps that don't have that ingredient and am working my way through my daily routine to replace anything that has it.

Except toothpaste.

I thought there was no choice when it came to toothpaste because not even Tom's of Maine toothpaste is SLS free. But then I discovered a few other brands of toothpaste that you won't find in Target or Vons that don't have SLS. And they start at $5 a pop and only go up from there.

I just can't pay 2 to 5 times the amount of money I'm used to spending on toothpaste. Though there are options on the market that don't test on animals and don't use SLS, but between the cost and really, really wanting to make sure my teeth are in as good of condition as they can be for not having been to a dentist in... 6 years? So I'll be sticking to my animal testing, SLS toothpaste that I buy for $2 and hoping it does the trick and my teeth aren't rotting.

And so I admit defeat. Hopefully my teeth will thank me for it.

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