February 16, 2012

Not Really Our First Valentine's Day

Thought it would go as expected... it did not.

For the first time in a long time, I was actually really excited about Valentine's Day this year. I did the same thing I did the two previous years when I was single (which wasn't much of a departure from what I did when I was in a long term relationship): have people over, make something, drink wine, and make fun of Twilight.

Except this year I have someone who is more romantic than I am, who likes doing stuff like Valentine's Day, who makes me feel loved and wanted every day I see him, and who gets me excited about Valentine's Day.

The funny thing is we spent Valentine's Day last year together, too, albeit within a group of other singles (almost exactly the same group of people). Funnier thing is I was sort-of-seeing someone last year but ended up spending more time that night with my now-boyfriend, which honestly was A-OK with me.

So, technically this was our second Valentine's Day together, but like he says it was our first year together. Last year we made sugar cookies and iced them inappropriately, so this year I decided we'd make chocolate ice cream bowls after seeing a how-to on the internet. And in my own true form it failed miserably.

My research recommended using balloons sprayed with cooking oil, dipped in the chocolate (not too hot) and frozen for as little as 10 minutes for it to set. Seemed simple enough, yet my kitchen ended up covered in chocolate, butter and balloon fragments. And because we used water balloons (geniuses) some of us ended up a little wet, too. After telling my coworkers the story I was overwhelmingly told to not use water balloons... Oops.

The Oatmeal sums up Valentine's Day pretty well: "February 14th has absolutley no bearing on our relationship, but we should pretend to be extra attracted to each other today." Eh, I'm cool with it. It's just another gift giving holiday, except this one focuses almost exclusively on chocolate, wine and sex, so really what's not to like?

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