May 22, 2009

How I Am A Nerd

I miss the Internet. I miss reading peoples comments on, miss seeing the latest fails and lol's, miss reading depressing post secrets the day they come out. But mostly I miss the daily hunt for material good enough to blog about. While I was unemployed this blog served as a purpose for me, a thing I could do to not feel like I was worthless. I did go running most days, I cooked beautiful and healthy meals, kept my apartment sparkling, gave the kitty all the attention she wanted, spent hours job hunting and sending out resumes and cover letters, and then was free to spend the rest of my hours, often late into the night, on the interwebs. I learned about the online personalities of some commenters on my favorite sites, discovered new and interesting websites, signed up for other writing websites I have yet to use, and had a grand old time. I didn't have tv and was bored of all my movies (and the computer doesn't have sound), so buzzing around the Internet didn't feel like the colossal waste of time it was. I understand how people feel like they have friends on the Internet- friends they've never seen or heard. Still don't understand online dating, though; people aren't the same online as in person, people! Alas, it's time to leave and I still haven't seen fark in days. Sigh. I feel worthwhile now, but I miss the friendly Internet.

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