May 28, 2009

Rants and Rights

I know it's people's stupid choices and poor birth control use that results in unplanned pregnancies, but the fact that there really is no form of birth control that is 110% effective still terrifies me every time I think about it (which I try not to do, but sometimes it's impossible). 

So I got on Google and am liking Essure. It's simple, it's more effective than tubal ligation, doesn't destroy the man's sense of manness, and is pretty cheap and sometimes covered by insurance. (It's fast, it's simple, and the gold kit is free!) Doesn't even require anesthesia and the back-up period is only three months, during which you can still use pills. There's even a test to confirm whether or not it worked and your period still comes every month like normal (which is a huge relief). You could even use pills and be double sure you're not getting knocked up. Essure's website says it's the only form of birth control that has not resulted in a pregnancy in clinical trials (it's been around for 5 years) which makes me wonder why the Mayo Clinic says it's 99.8% effective. That's still interesting because the Pill is 99.9% effective... How is sterilization less effective than perfect use hormonal birth control pills?

I wish the male pill would come out now. I want a back-up that's not a condom, but all the other forms are just as spontaneous and effective as condoms. Unfortunately, no doctor would sterilize a 23 year old woman, which, honestly, should open doctors up to lawsuits. If a woman got a lawyer to draft a liability waiver that made her unable to sue the doctor for anything related to the sterilization and signed it in front of the doctor, lawyer, and doctor's lawyer (which they already make you do, kind of) and the doctor still refused to sterilize her she should be able to sue the doctor for child support if she got pregnant. 

The mother of a friend of mine had cervical cancer but her doctors wouldn't give her a hysterectomy because they claimed someday she might want more kids. Even though she had cervical cancer. Even though she already had two kids. Even though she wasn't married. Even though both her kids were unplanned. Even though she should not be having kids at her age or after being treated for cervical cancer. Did I mention even though she had cervical cancer? Doctors are cruel idiots sometimes. 

I know I wouldn't be able to get Essure now (not until I have at least 2 kids and am over 35, which totally defeats the purpose), but it still sounds awesome. And since abortion should be illegal, if you asked some people, women not only can't do everything they can to prevent pregnancy but they also must raise the accidents when they happen. Sigh... Little women still can't make decisions about their own bodies.

So there's my rant. I get all worked up over stuff like this when my body starts complaining in the middle of my preset cycle. Damn hormones.

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