May 10, 2010



How to wear out your body in one easy weekend:

Step 1: Friday
Work at your physically demanding job, which is honestly a good work-out, for 5 hours entertaining around 2 dozen people.
Then go work your night job until 2am.

Step 2: Saturday
Be back at your physically demanding job at 8am, ready to entertain more than 30 people, for 7 hours on less than 4 hours of sleep and 20 ounces of coffee.
Go to your friend's BBQ, then go out drinking and dancing until 2am.

Step 3: Sunday
Be back at your physically demanding job at 11am and entertain another 30 people for 5+ hours.
Go home and crash. Hard. Forget dinner.

And this is all after a week of pretty much the same: Work at the Park for 5ish hours, then work the night shift for 5ish hours, then have a weekend of physical exhaustion and not enough caffeine. Do I hear a 3 day "weekend" anyone? Yes, yes I do. (Well, from one job, anyway.)