May 24, 2010

More On Condoms


Because apparently I really like writing about sex.

The Washington Post wrote a 2 page article on how Washington DC decided to spend an extra few thousand dollars to buy brand name condoms to give away for free because the young public doesn't like Durex.


If I could just go to the school nurse or a liquor store for free condoms whenever I wanted I would not be complaining that Trojans were better than Durex. (OK, I would complain if there wasn't a latex-free option, but that's a whole 'nother point.) Especially since they're exactly the same. And especially since they're free.

Guys are also complaining that the free condoms are "too small." Really, guys? You all have giant penises? There are so many of you DC high school boys who have no money, big dicks, and a fear of the school nurse knowing you're getting laid? And DC officials buy this? We're going to have more than a few pregnant kids if high school boys use the free Magnums.

Granted, DC gives away condoms partially because 3% of the population has HIV. That's scary high. Also granted, I think it's a great idea to give away condoms for free to the whole country (hell, the whole world!). Think of how much money we'd save in health costs if 6 cent condoms were available for free? It would be awesome. New York also gives away condoms, only they're Lifestyles brand in a special NYC wrapper that the public gets to vote on.

Awesome? Oh yes, yes, yes!

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  1. I actually heard (and of course I can't remember where) that Magnum's are no larger than the standard condom. It's a marketing ploy for those fools who like to believe they are hung like baby elephants.