May 18, 2010


Why can't I be in Amsterdam tomorrow?


A Dutch condom company is giving away pope condoms this weekend. These specially packaged condoms are a jab at the Pope's negative stance on condoms (condoms not only don't help stop HIV/AIDS, they increase it). Condoms are one of the very few proven methods of preventing STD transmission, and though a condom isn't 100% effective at prevention it's a damn good start, and infinitely better than not using one and telling people to abstain from sex. So the lucky Dutch get to get down with the pope wrapped around their packages.

Here's another great condom campaign:

"Such tragedy could have been easily avoided."

Ah, marketing. Sometimes I wish I had the mind for that. Goes back to my earlier post about the German condom campaign featuring ads with Hitler sperm. Funny shit.

More funny shit: The Pope and the Condom. Click the link and read it- it's short and very worth the 2 minutes.

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