July 30, 2010

Kill All Humans Part II

People covered in oil. Lucky them, they can take their clothes off.

OK, seriously? Another oil spill? You know, fuck it. We'll never learn.

I guess it's a good thing shit like this happens where people vacation, because if it was out in the middle of nowhere, where people weren't affected, the spill and the damage it causes to wildlife would go unnoticed by the rest of us. Companies have to own up to their enormous mistakes because people will get all pissed at them, maybe sue, and will definitely have a negative opinion, which in turn will affect stocks. And fucking stock makes the world go round.

Oiled muskrat.

Though this spill is nowhere near as massive or damaging as the one in the Gulf, it's still the most destructive thing that could happen to the area. And what really makes no sense is how the company, Enbridge, can ignore warnings about safety violations. This spill happened because a pipe corroded. Corrosion takes a while, and Enbridge obviously wasn't keeping an eye on it or paying any attention to the warnings from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. With all the attention on the Gulf and BPs safety mistakes, wouldn't you start making sure you're not going to come under the same bad press? Wouldn't you make sure you didn't get lumped in with big bad BP by replacing your damn pipes? Now 35 miles of Kalamazoo river are tarnished, 35 miles of dead fish, dead frogs, oil-coated birds and muskrat, and a river bank that will be unsuitable for life for years.

Really didn't think I'd be using the "oil spill" tag again this year.

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