February 17, 2011



This is a strange text conversation I had today with someone I thought I was related to (took out names, kept his mistakes):

Not My Cousin: Hello there.. I got a new phone and I only have you as a number.. Who is this?

Me: Your favorite cousin Lindsay :)

NMC: Do you know who I am?

Me: It came up as (my cousin) so I guess (my cousin)...

NMC: ..Nope.. This is (not your cousin)

Me: Then how'd you get my number?

NMC: You texted me some time ago.. And I didn't know who it was.. Do you know someone named (not your cousin)?

Me: No but I just got this number 8 months ago. You might've known whoever had it before me. Weird that you have my cousin's number...

NMC: Hmm well I'm sorry haha.. And someone call me 2 days ago.. Cussing me out.. And saying I was someone named (your cousin).. So look out for that guy.. He sounds like a psycho

(Much later)
Me: Ok so do you know me? You sent me a friend request on Facebook. (The request was from two days ago.)

NMC: I send a request.. Cus I have you name and number in my phone.. And I wanted to know who you where haha

Something's missing in this whole ordeal. Someone, who is in my phone as my cousin, is texting me asking who I am, but then says he knows my name and is trying to friend me on Facebook. The only thing I can think of that doesn't end in complete and total coincidence is I included my cousin in the mass texts I sent out when I got my new number, only my cousin no longer had the phone number I knew. This guy with my cousin's old phone number then must have hung onto my new phone number despite not knowing who I am, and (from what I remember) never asked. Then for some reason apparently decided however many months later to find out more about me through texting some story about a new number, which can't be true if it still comes up in my phone, and Facebook.

Either that or this guy got my cousin's old number and he knows whoever had my new number before me. But that's pretty coincidental.

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