May 20, 2009

Jumping The Shark

Not since the last episode of Scrubs on NBC was I this disappointed in a season finale. The Office is a great show: it's smart, it's funny, it has good acting, and it has lovable characters with great writing. But I fear season 6 will be the beginning of the end.


The viewer can infer in the last minute of the last episode, through an unrealistic and rushed "routine" ankle sprain check, Pam and Jim find out Pam's pregnant. They don't say it specifically, but there's a lot of shocked then happy faces, then lots of hugging, then a call to Dwight to say they won't be returning to the volley ball game, then more hugging. The nurse had asked Pam if there was "any chance you're pregnant" and she didn't answer, which was a give-away I dismissed as being retarded. Surely a show as good as The Office wouldn't stoop to a pregnancy...

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, Pam was engaged to Roy for three years and didn't get pregnant with him. Is it that hard to use birth control? Did she suddenly start forgetting to take the pill? Did they run out of condoms and do it anyway because they're so in love and engaged?  Is it a miracle baby, conceived despite the use of hormonal pills and condoms? There are SO MANY forms of birth control it's crazy the human race has devoted that much thought to avoiding parenthood. And since she had been engaged before to another man and didn't get knocked up we can assume she was using some form of birth control, and now is not using that same, presumably reliable, form with Jim.

So, now that she's pregnant, the show is going to change dramatically. And it will suck. Here's how:
  1. When the show comes back on in the fall Pam will be about six months pregnant and dealing with hormones. They'll either open next season with a wedding or they'll have married during the break. 
  2. Once Pam has the baby she'll take time off work. Which means she won't be in regular episodes. And it'll just be Jim at work talking to her on the phone about how the baby isn't eating or whatever.
  3. Jim will have to move up and become a regional manager in order to support his baby and Pam, or he'll have to find a new job.
  4. If it keeps going to season 7 the focus will be off the office and on Jim and Pam's family life. 
They could bring back some old characters for some drama, like Roy or Karen or Holly (Michael drama is usually pretty good), or they could have Toby create some drama with Pam. The writers are going to have to come up with some good stuff for the next season or The Office is a dead duck. 

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