February 28, 2010


Though I'm very pleased to say I have no major regrets in my life (you know, like "if only I didn't drive drunk that night" or "if only I didn't get pregnant," things like that), there are a few small things I would re-do if I had a time machine.

I wouldn't have told my friend I was hoping someone else would ask me to the 8th grade dance.
I would have taken my guinea pig to the emergency clinic sooner.
I wouldn't have postponed colorguard a year because of money.
I would have asked for a necropsy on my cat.
I would have kept that guy's phone number from speech class.
I would have found a stranger to live with when I first moved to San Diego.
I would have applied to shuttles sooner.
I wouldn't have been so mean to my friend after I kissed him.
I wouldn't have fallen for that scam.
I would have moved into a 2-bedroom apartment with my sister when she moved here.
I would have told The Ex I didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore.
And I would have created immediate space between us. Same for Boyfriend #1.

There are other regrets I have but would have no control over, even with a time machine.

I regret the confusion and pain that comes with a divorce.
I regret (very deeply) having to leave our house and the animals I loved buried behind.
I regret my mom's downward spiral.
I regret not noticing my sister's downward spiral.
I regret my dad's choice in women, mostly his choice of women over kids.
I regret how my parent's actions post-divorce has affected us all.

Mostly, if I had the opportunity to go back in time and change the course of events I would be more aware of how my actions affect others, as well as how other's actions affect me. Maybe I wouldn't be so trusting of others, or maybe I would have just listened to my gut. First things first, though: time machine.

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  1. Also:
    I regret not taking my sister to see Jimmy Eat World.
    I regret not minoring in an animal science, or at least not taking more classes in biology.
    I regret some of the romantic opportunities I missed over the years.