June 5, 2010

Fuck You

This post will be dedicated to the images I found when I typed "fuck you" into Google image search. They gave me an internal lol.

The chihuahua is saying "Fuck you." And I spelled chihuahua right the first time!

I've been feeling very "fuck you" towards the world lately. It's incredible how easy it sometimes is for me to slip into feeling depressed more often than not. But what's also incredible is how everything falls into a seemingly calculated cycle: work/living arrangements/free time activities suck then work/living arrangements/free time activities all of a sudden change for the happy at the same damn time. And now I'm in one of those plunges, trying to find a way to make at least one of those things happier. It's the famous "if only" dilemma: if only I had a job I liked more, if only I was living in a place I loved again, if only I didn't have to work every single day in order to keep up with the bills, if only I had some direction in my life I would be a happy camper.

Naturally I think back to the last time I was HAPPY!!! End of last summer I was exploring my new found singleness, living in the best part of town, working at a job I hardly considered work (so, I'm gonna drive a truck full of animal lovers around a bunch of endangered animals as they come up close for food and photos and you're going to pay me for this?!), and hanging out with friends nearly every night as we reveled in San Diego summer. You tell me what's better than that.


But the thing that keeps me going day after day is the people. Man, people are great. Not only am I feeling sick and worrying myself all over the place that I'll still be sick for my sister's graduation next week, but all of the above "fuck you's" are weighing me down. And then a friend will ask how you're doing because she remembers you're sick, or give you an acacia leaf just to make you smile, or remind you of the fun times ahead, or laugh at her own jokes because she's funny, or offer a virtual hug, or even a stranger will offer to put in a good word for you if he dies and goes to heaven. Keep it up, people. I need you all.

Also, I found this:

It reminded me, after I stopped laughing, that we're all human, and we should all start acting like it. Follow your own beliefs, but don't be a dick and force them on the rest of us. Live and let live, but show some humanity.

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