September 13, 2010

Fall Is Here!

Get ready, California. It's fire season!

San Diego may not have realized it was summer until August, but boy come September and it's already excited about fall.

OK, I may be projecting my excitement on a city, but there is a change in the air.

Some people say that San Diego has only one season: summer. Or, mostly summer. And sure, we don't get snow and our streets aren't lined with fallen leaves (they're lined with palm and pine, instead), but those people don't notice the more subtle changes of the seasons. Going for a run in the mornings is a lot more comfortable since the temperature dropped, and the gathering of dark clouds over my neighborhood the other day (with a bonus of sprinkles!) made taking my car in for work almost not completely miserable. And then I remembered all the amazing things fall brings, like apples! And fall beer! And pumpkins! And orange things! And my birthday! And fog! And warm clothes! And hats! And Halloween!

And Oktoberfest!

Fall also means I can drink tea without it being uncomfortably warm. And light candles for the mood and for warmth. And I won't have to add ice cubes to the fish tank. And the cat will shed less. And I can wear just a sweatshirt. And I can cuddle with blankets on the couch. And maybe it'll rain, and I can listen to it fall in the street right outside my window.

Not to mention, this fall will hopefully bring some new opportunities. And that I'm definitely ready for.

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