April 17, 2011


Blogger, why do you sabotage the posts I want most? I spent 45 minutes writing a detailed story and it should have autosaved several times while I was writing, and especially should have saved when I clicked "save now." It's true I wasn't planning on publishing my story now (possibly ever), but I wanted it anyway. I wanted it for personal reasons, in case someday I felt it was time to publish. It was mostly for my own records, for whatever impulse in me decided I needed to write, and I'm deeply hurt that you took matters into your own hands, so far that you not only failed to do a basic function I regularly count on, but you blatantly ignored a very, very basic instruction. Both of those disappointments combined caused me to lose a long piece, one which I poured much emotion into and one which I'm sad and angry to have lost.

I've tried recovering it through my history, but my history is incomplete. I also closed my browser window after incorrectly assuming my story had successfully saved, so anything I could have saved is gone. Blogger, you've left me adless, and now for the second time you've left me without a personal story that I really wanted despite my efforts to keep it. If you're not going to keep the things I save why would I write drafts?

And now I'm just angry. I write things I want and you delete them. But I've been using your service for 2 years and it's free and my readers know this site. I like the layout, it's easy to use and I'm comfortable here. But why that post? Why that article, which I wanted for myself so much?

I'll rewrite it, but not here. Since it's really going to be mine I'll keep it offline, to myself. Blogger, you disappoint me.

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