September 14, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

This is unusual.

First, let me say that it's wonderful that we live in a country where we can peacefully protest our government without fear. We can gather in the hundreds of thousands and carry signs to the very steps of the White House to protest what the President and Congress are doing.

We can even do so with poorly made, misspelled, grammatically incorrect, politically incorrect and downright stupid signs. Honestly, America, we have this great freedom to march and protest the hell out of our government and you're going to take misspelled signs with incorrect information? If you're going to go so far as to plan this march, fly to Washington (take time off work, buy a ticket for the day after 9/11, book a hotel, call a house sitter), and put up with mid-September Washington weather for a day or two, why on Earth wouldn't you proofread your sign or make a practice sign first? Is being correct "elitist?" Please oh please set a good example for your country and protest intelligently.

My observations: the protesters were almost all middle aged white people with their young children and a few redneck 20-somethings still bent out of shape over the North winning the Civil War. They forget that America was founded for freedom of religion and somehow think we're a Christian nation and are convinced the world was perfect before January 20, 2009. The protesters aren't fans of condoms or abortion but also don't want welfare and they left the city with overflowing trash cans government workers will have to clean up. Oh, and fuck you for implying I choose not to work. Today is Day 2 of my second round of unemployment (this year) and it's all I can do to ward off anxiety and depression.

I swear my IQ dropped a point after watching the slideshow. Good thing it was Caturday; I was able to repair some of the damage the stupid did to my mood with silly cat pictures. I love Fark.

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