September 17, 2009

Women's Health Matters

Remember a little while ago I said I wanted to start a new magazine for women that had legitimate stories, but feared no one would read it? Well I think is as close as it's gonna get for intelligent 20-something women. It's still got fashion and celebrity to keep the girly girls happy (and even those areas have substance!), but it also has smart and provocative photos about the times we live in, often from destitute parts of our world.

Recently the website interviewed Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, about the future of women's health care. I definitely learned a few new (amazing!) things about the organization and Cecile herself, as well as politics in different states. Unfortunately I also learned about Bob McDonnell, Virginia's next gubernatorial candidate (DIAF, Bob). The Washington Post quoted McDonnell's college thesis as being extremely anti-women and women's health. The good news is that he seems to have turned away (slightly) from such extremist views, but he did write the thesis at age 34, as a married father of two girls. How much can a politician really change from 34-55?

In the Jezebel interview, Cecile lamented McDonnell's viability as Virginia's next governor, but almost laughingly pointed out his reluctance to say more than two words on his thesis. Someone's a little ashamed! Or at least afraid it's going to kick his ass out of politics. Cecile also wrote her own Huffington Post article on McDonnell and ended it by pointing out just how important it is for women to be informed voters. Women of Virginia, I hope you don't sign away your right to womanhood by voting in a man who believes you should get back in the kitchen and cook him a steak.

Someday, someday I'm sure our country and our world will be a balanced place.

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