January 16, 2010


And terrorism. Yeah, that's right, terrorism!

This is one of the coolest videos I've seen in ages. It's a "fleshmob" in a German airport. Like a flashmob, it involves lots of people converging on one location. Unlike a flashmob, these people have an agenda. (At least, one that's not "silliness.")

OK, we all know terrorism sucks and we should protect ourselves as best we can from terrorists among us. But full body scanners? Really, government? I don't see these things lasting long: they're too expensive to be worth the inevitable cost of lawsuits, and they won't even be in every airport, or even in every security line in the airports that buy them.

So these ballsy Germans are voicing their concerns. We should not be giving up every freedom we have because for each freedom we give up in the name of "safety" the terrorists get a point. And they're winning.

Our government can tap our personal phones, confiscate our laptops and Blackberries without cause, make us throw away lotion, and now has permission to give full body scans and under-clothes pat downs. When will it stop? When will Americans realize that by giving up the very freedoms terrorists are killing us for, the very freedoms our military is dying to protect, that we're giving up?

We should take a cue from the German fleshmob. We should refuse to submit like dogs to these so called protections. Seriously, we can't get up during the last hour of a flight because some idiot tried (and failed) to blow up a plane he was on right before it landed. (Never mind that the attacks on 9/11 occurred during the first hour of a transcontinental flight.) Have we forgotten that the only reason that recent attempt got as far as it did was because our intelligence agencies didn't communicate that day? They were gonna detain the guy when the plane landed! Too late, guys!

I would rather live with the freedoms my country promised me and die that live without them.

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