January 31, 2010

Ode To The Internet

Internet, I missed you so much last week and I hope to never spend another day without you. I missed my usual sites, missed knowing what my friends were up to every hour, missed that it was the radio who told me JD Salinger died, missed silly cat pictures, missed writing, and missed the ability to instant message. You are wonderful.

But please don't be under the impression that I acknowledge your wonderfulness simply because I was deprived of you for a week. No no, I always knew you were wonderful. I knew what I had before I lost it, I didn't need a week without to know how amazing you are. It wasn't my intention to leave for a week, and I hope we'll never have to part again. Plus, it was just bad luck that my Blackberry wasn't working properly the same week I was disconnected from you, but I learned from the experience and I promise to ensure my phone is in good working condition if I ever have to part from you for more than a few hours.

And so, Internet, I've begun catching up on the things I've missed and will be back to writing about silly, stupid or consequential things that annoy me in no time. I'm so glad to have you back.

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