January 22, 2010


If only... And I get to work on Caturday.

Here's the scene:
I'm at the self checkout at Ralph's with 4 items: Kleenex, cranberry juice, a knockoff Nyquil and a knockoff Dayquil (buy one get one free, bitches!). I'm dressed in an oversized sweatshirt and a beanie, no make-up to hide my dark circles, and I'm aware that my whole being is emanating sickness.

Scan the Kleenex. Scan the knockoff Nyquil.

Self Checkout: "Please show your ID to the attendant."

Me: What?

Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm not surprised. Some years ago a person not only had to be 18 years old in order to buy certain OTC medications, but also could only buy 4 at a time in certain locations. Apparently, Ralph's is doing its part in keeping pseudoephedrine out of kids hands.

Damn teenagers always looking for a way to get high. Ruined it for the sickies like me who balk at having to prove we're over 18 (I can almost rent a car, dammit!) and the legitimately sick 17 year old kids who run to the grocery store around the corner for some OTC help in getting back to school.

I wonder if restrictions like these really help. And since I took my knockoff Nyquil just before starting this post it's become incredibly difficult for me to continue. So off I am to dreamland.

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