October 31, 2009

Forward-Thinking Is Backwards

Burkas: The new chastity belt.

In todays world (well, most of it) women have the same rights and allowances as men, races and faiths can intermarry, dogs have health insurance and we don't think anything of it.

In America "our women have all the rights as men do!" as if that's even worth mentioning. Sure we don't need permission to go outside, we can drive cars and have jobs and bank accounts, but why on Earth wouldn't women have everything men have? Why is that even a question? Why, especially, in some points in time and space is that not the case?

Third world countries are notorious for treating women like dogs. A recent article details how Somali officials are more concerned with women wearing bras (false advertisement is against the law) than with the widespread famine and chaos. A man wanting to marry a woman for the "ample breasts" she has hidden beneath her burka could be disappointed when he finally gets her naked on their wedding night if her "ampleness" was the effects of a bra. Honestly though, can anyone really tell a difference between bra and no bra underneath a burka? I don't think anyone can tell when I'm wearing a push-up underneath my sweatshirt... And are boobs really the sort of thing people worry about in Somalia?

It never ceases to amaze me how one sect of a population can be singled out as lesser. Many countries single out women as inferior, some single out certain religions or races as inferior, and America singles out gays and lesbians as inferior. Though most Americans now see how horrible it was to condemn blacks simply for the color of their skin and women simply for the ability to produce offspring, many still see nothing wrong with segregating gays simply for wanting to love. One day we won't discriminate against any group for any reason (and women in America will get a full dollar for every dollar a man earns) and we'll laugh at how ignorant and small minded the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries were.


  1. Hi,
    Although you obviously don't solicit comments, I'll jump in anyway. Early on in your blog, I had commented several times, admiring the quality and clarity of your writing (but evidencing a bit of concern about the absence of real sarcasm and snarkiness, especially in regard to your title). Although I have continued to follow your epistletalian journey , I have kept my fingers off of the keyboard, but, foolishly perhaps, I will venture forth into the world of commentary, once again.
    I would like to complement you upon finding your voice and your focus in your posts, all the while maintaining (and perhaps honing) the clarity and incisiveness of your craft. There is more than a touch of Anna Quindlen in what you say, and how you say it, and that is a sincere compliment. Again, I realize that you didn't ask for a response, but since you choose to publicly display your thoughts (eloquently and with sincere passion) I gave myself permission to voice my opinion.
    Good luck, Bob

  2. Comments are and have always been extremely welcome! The kind words are much appreciated, Bob, and even had there been no kind words thoughts from the reading world are silently solicited in any and all posts. The point of writing for the world to see is to spur discussion- I don't have too many readers (at least at this point in my life) but even the few I have have their opinions and it's always nice to see them, even when they don't agree with mine.

    Again, thank you for reading and taking the time to leave a few kind words.

  3. People worry about boobs allllll over the world. Somalia included.